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...The Man No 1 was sort of a lone wolf and always looked much smarter than his peers. He left his family house early and went to a nautical school. Starting from his teen age, he joined the local hooligans group as everyone did in his area. All teenagers were either hooligans, or their victims - he had not much choice. But he has always been drawing pictures, he had his own view. Nobody taught him, it was a native talent. Once he decided to try to make his own jewelry piece and came to a local jewelry Master for advice.
- Can you teach me? - he asked the Master.
- It’s not easy and takes time and hard work, - the Master replied, - I have no time to teach you.
- Ok, can I just stay here and watch how you work? I just need to see the idea.
- Yes, you may stay here while I’m working.  
One week later The Man No 1 brought the ring, set with big stones to the Master:
- Please take a look, what do you think?
- What a wonderful ring, very good design! And even stone setting is good... Who has made it?
- It was me.
- I don’t believe you! In any case someone should have set stones for you, who is this Master?
- It was me.
This is how The Man No 1 has became an exclusive jeweler. He was brave enough to work with gold and expensive stones from his first day. Soon he has already got many customers, who used to come to the small town to order something really stunning. The rumors around him worked better than advertising and he has became famous. He was never taught and learned by himself, so his designs, ideas and technical tricks were always different to the traditional jewelry.

But soon he understood that he can’t build a serious global business from his small province town, so he left everything and moved to Bangkok - world capital of Jewelry Manufacturing to fulfil his dream. Here he met Man No 2 and Man No 3.


The Man No 2 had a good educational start, he got a Master Degree in Chemistry, and founded the company supplying technology, machinery and tools for Jewelry manufacturing. He spent a lot of time learning the basics of the production process using his background and visiting many companies worldwide and became a well known expert in Jewelry casting and polishing - the key points of jewelry manufacturing. He started International Jewelry Symposium inviting the world best experts to share their knowledge and he founded the Jewelry Manufacturing magazine to bring all innovations to his customers. He tried to promote knowledge and new developments to jewelry manufacturing but people in Jewelry world are very conservative and don’t want to change or improve anything.

«I tried to explain to the jewelers what they can do, but it’s mainly useless. So I will better show them by myself», - once he decided.  And this has became his dream - to establish the Jewelry factory with the best machinery and technology which will provide the best quality and performance. So he has decided to start the company in Bangkok - world capital of Jewelry Manufacturing to fulfill his dream. One day during Bangkok Jewelry Exhibition The Man No 1 and The Man No 2 have suddenly met, and, after a long talk, they have decided to become partners.


The Man No 3 was born in German prison. His parents were spies working for American and West German intelligence, who were caught and imprisoned in East Germany. He never got any information about them. He was adopted by the Soviet intelligence guy working in GDR so he grew up in the Russian - Ukrainian family. He learned three languages from his childhood. He has got a medical degree at the Russian university and became a successful businessman. He learned English and Chinese because of his business relationships. Suddenly his life has changed and he decided to devote his life to Krishna. He left everything and moved to India. During the nine years living in Indian temples and traveling as a monk all over India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia, he studied ancient treatises, astrology, palmistry, alternative Indian medicine Ayurveda, yoga, meditation. He learned almost all modern Indian Languages, Thai language and Sanskrit. Traveling all over South East Asia he was delivering Bhagavad Gita - the Holy scripture for Hinduism to people of different countries and cultures and finally he became a brahman.

He settled down in Thailand, where he has decided to move to the next step of his life and create something important that will be accepted by different cultures and different people all over the world.

Nothing happens by the accident, once the Tree Men met and joined to create the company together.