Necklaces Size Guide

Pendants are perhaps the oldest type of jewelry that are invariably popular today.

But before choosing a pendant, you need to decide how you would prefer to wear this type of jewelry. As a choker or vice versa sautoir?

Below we have noted some features of the choice of pendants with different lengths of chains, which will help our customers to make the right choice and achieve the perfect result.


Length 35 cm or 14 inches.The pendant is located in the middle of the neck like a collar, the so-called choker jewelry. The suspension located in this place will be clearly visible not only from the front side, but also all its side surfaces. Choose lightweight and small harnesses that, under their own weight, will not pull the chain downward, causing discomfort. Pay attention to the side surfaces of the jewelry, ideally if the perimeter of the pendant is decorated along with the front side.

Length 40 - 45 cm or 16 inches.The pendant is located on a dimple at the base of the neck. It is also clearly visible, including from the sides, but there are no restrictions on the size or weight of the suspensions. Length 50 – 55 cm or 20 inches.The pendant is positioned 5 cm (2 inches) below the clavicle line. The most popular length, suitable for any kind, size and weight of pendants.

Length 80 cm or 32 inches.The pendant is positioned below the start line of the chest. While moving, the suspension will wobble and often flip upside down. Choose more massive and voluminous models, which will allow them to sway less. Ideal are double-sided pendant models that look attractive from all sides, no matter how they twist.

Length 100 cm or 40 inches.The pendant is located at the waist level. Here it is - the length of the sautoir :)


Length 45 cm or 18 inches.The pendant is located at the base of the neck.

Length 50 - 55 cm or 20 inches.The pendant is located just below the level of the collarbones.

Length 70 - 80 cm or 32 inches.The pendant is located just below the mid-chest level.

* Indicative figures are given, specific parameters depend on anatomical features.

** The dimensions of our chains are their length in centimetres. To find out the value of the size in inches - just divide centimeters by 2.54.

How to determine the required size of the chain for the suspension:

1. Wrap a string around your neck and pull with your finger to where you want the pendant to be

2. Measure the length of the measured section in centimeters or inches

3. Use the value down to the nearest 0 or 5.

With love, your Ethniq Jewelry ®