Stones and stone setting

The main idea of Ethniq Fashion Jewelry is to offer to our respectable customers the line of not expensive Jewelry which exceeds expectations and looks like a High Jewelry in all of the aspects - design, performance, stones quality, shine and high quality setting.
In our team there are the specialists who work with the gemmology of stones and choose only the highest quality synthetic stones like CZ and created Rubys, Sapphires, Emeralds and other colored stones with the color of the most expensive natural stones in order to get the best looking jewelry for everyday usage.
All stones that we use have high quality brilliant cut or fancy cuts for big stones.
We prefer to use stones with brilliant shine.
We never use glass imitations of stones and will never put stones on glue! 

In our products we apply different types of stone setting:
 - Wax setting. The stones are set in a wax model and then pieces are cast with stones. It allows us to set stones stable and avoid high-pricing of the full-covered with stones models.
 - Hand setting. The stones are set  in metal by hand of a professional jeweller - this type of setting is mainly used for big and the most expensive stones. 

Both types of setting ensure that every stone is tightly surrounded by solid metal or prongs which ensures that stones will be kept on their places and will not be lost. 
Hard alloy that we use for our pieces ensures that the safety of the stone setting is much higher than it could be made using more soft gold or silver alloys.
Our stones can survive hundreds of degrees and keep the shine of the first day.

With love, your Ethniq Jewelry ®