Innovations and Technology

There are two controversial opinion on the way how jewelry should be produced in a modern time.
One says everything should be hand-made, and the small part of Jeweler’s soul is absorbed by the jewelry piece, adding a secret power and energy to the final products.
Alternative opinion is that all processes should be modernized and pieces should be produced with maximum automaton to reduce production cost and minimize production time per piece.
We believe that the best way is to combine both approaches and use the best and the most modern machinery and production processes everywhere, where they can improve the quality and reduce production costs and time, but also use hand work to keep delicate parts of pieces safe, set big and beautiful stones by hand, assemble every piece and check it’s balance, lock construction, movement of elements and perfectly set path of stones providing wonderful luxury look to every single piece. 
And yes - we add part of our soul to our pieces starting from the first hand drawing on a paper till the final piece, perfectly made. We also share our love to natural beauty, hand crafting and ethnic shades in our designs with our respectable customers.



 Jewelry alloys

Stones and stone setting

But we are humans after all...