All Fashion Jewelry that we produce is plated to reach the final color and luxury look of the fine jewelry.

Normally we use four types of hypoallergenic plating:

Yellow Gold - plated with 22K Gold
Pink Gold - plated with 18K Gold
White - plated with Platinum
Black - Plated with Ruthenium

The number of layers, its thickness and chemical composition of plating has a serious affect on the durability of jewelry pieces, resistance to wear, anti-tarnishing properties, and allows to avoid allergy.
We use the most advanced plating technology and solutions provided by the world leaders in this complicated and very important area.
Total thickness of plating for all Ethniq products is more than 3 microns.

We use four layers of plating:

1st layer lays on a finally polished surface of a jewelry alloy base and provides adhesion of the plating layers to the surface of the piece and allows to avoid flaking of the surface
2nd layer adds thickness of the plating, which provides surface hardness, durability and wear resistance
3rd layer prevents oxidation or tarnishing of the base metal and all further layers, and gives a clear white background color of the piece, which allows the next coming precious metal layer to always look clean, uniform and stable in color
4th layer gives the final color and shininess to the piece - this layer is performed in the precious metals and also gives the anti allergenic properties to the plated pieces

Despite the fact that the plating quality is very high, the customer should remember that the pieces are plated in order to keep the life of the pieces and their wonderful look longer:

 - Try to avoid interaction of your lovely jewelry with any liquids - please take your pieces off when you take shower, wash your tableware or go swimming.

 - When you use liquid cosmetics or perfumes (lotion, cream, spray, liquid mask, etc), let it dry first before you apply your jewelry.

 - Please remember that natural chemistry of your body can affect the surface of your pieces, so please take them off when you do workout, run or make any other training or hard physical work.

 - We recommend you to remove pieces overnight and wipe them with a soft cloth or cotton ball, keeping them on a dry soft pad. If you think that the pieces and stones have greasy layer and are not shiny anymore please use regular soap or kitchen dishwashing gel with water to clean them. You may use an old toothbrush to reach intricate areas. Please do not use any abrasives (including toothpaste) in order to avoid damaging of the plated surface. You can rinse your pieces with tap water and dry with the paper tissue or toilet paper at the end of the procedure.

When you get your jewelry order you will find out that every piece is packed in a separate plastic ziplock bag to avoid scratching. Every bag has a small square of black paper inside. This is an anti tarnishing agent which allows you to keep your pieces longer. Please use this package to keep them safe when you are not wearing them.

With love, your Ethniq Jewelry ®