Earrings Locks


Choosing earrings, we pay attention to the appearance, while forgetting about such an important detail of the earrings as the lock. It depends on the lock how reliably the jewelry is protected from the loss, whether it will be comfortable to wear or not, how easy it is to put it on or take it off, and how exactly it will ultimately look on the ears.

Developing our models, we tried to take into account all the subtleties and features of various ear structures, so that our products look perfect on all of our clients, regardless of the size and weight of the earrings. Massive earrings are constructed in a way to reduce the strain on the earlobe while moving, which allows to wear heavier models than usual with comfort.

We usually use three types of locks in our products:

English lock

The most popular lock for today, reliably protects against loss of jewelry, has an almost invisible fastening, does not put pressure on the earlobe, is reliable and comfortable not only to wear, but also when putting on, is least susceptible to wear deformation, can withstand a significant weight of jewelry, therefore, most of our earrings are made with this type of lock. However, earrings with an English lock are not suitable for small diameter of the piercing.

Screw back for stud earrings

The second most reliable type of earrings locks, extremely comfortable to wear, allows you to adjust the distance between the lock and the ear, suitable for all types of ear piercings. Our locks are decorated in the way to make the back of the ear no less beautiful than the front one. These locks are not subject to deformation, but not able to withstand the large volume and weight of jewelry. You may find it easier to twist the front of the earring and hold the clasp still. With some individual features of the structure of the earlobes, the sharp ends of the earrings can prick during sleep, in which case it is recommended to remove them at night.

French lock

The first lock in the history of jewelry. Earrings with this type of lock can be easily removed and inserted into the earlobe, suitable for all types of punctures, the loop lock looks very light and elegant, so we use it in graceful pendant earrings; however, due to the simplicity of the lock and the lack of fixation, there is a risk of losing the decoration. 


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